Double Your Impact!

With only a couple of weeks left in 2022, we are moving closer to our year end fundraising goal of $40,000! All funds raised are invested directly into library operations, services, and staff, so we can continue to serve our neighbors. So far, we have raised over $14,000. That’s more than a third of the way to our goal.


From Monday, December 19, through Friday, December 23, longtime Aloha residents and library supporters Jean and Jim Doane will generously match each donation DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR, up to $5,000.

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Jim and Jean have volunteered in the library, on the Board of Directors, and at special events over the past ten years. They remember what our neighborhood was like before the Aloha Community Library existed, when patrons had to travel to Beaverton or Hillsboro to access library services like free computers, wifi, and storytimes for kids. And for those who did not have personal transportation or enough time to make a further trip? Library visits were rare, if they happened at all.

Since September 2012, Aloha Community Library staff have worked hard to connect our community to the world, through free access to books, movies, computers, wifi, programming, and more, all available right in the heart of Aloha. We welcome over 3,000 visitors each month. Through our services and human connections, we are investing in our community. And thanks to Jean’s and Jim’s investment and confidence in how we are fulfilling our mission, your gifts will stretch twice as far — but only this week!

“My husband Jim and I are among the founding supporters of Aloha Community Library. From the early days of donated shelves and books and volunteer staff, we were convinced that a library was essential to the wellbeing of our unique, unincorporated community.

Ten years on, we are more convinced than ever of the value of our Aloha Community Library. Our library is an inclusive, safe space that provides access to knowledge, promotes the joy of reading for all ages, and welcomes all without bias. Please join us in supporting your Aloha Community Library today.”

— Jean Doane, former Board President,
Aloha Community Library Association

Jean & Jim Doane

How you can help:

What does doubling your impact look like?

  • Your gift of $20 becomes $40, so librarians can purchase two hardback books instead of one. More titles to browse!
  • Your gift of $50 becomes $100 staff can use to purchase craft project supplies for four storytimes instead of two. Double the early literacy and socialization opportunities for local toddlers and preschoolers!
  • Your gift of $250 becomes $500 — equivalent to two months of our photocopier lease instead of one. (Fun tidbit: The library hosts the only public photocopier in our service area, so our community relies on this important equipment!)
  • Your gift of $1,000 becomes $2,000, or around the cost of two months of heat and lights. Not necessarily exciting, but very, very important. Our community deserves a welcoming, safe facility where everyone can browse, study, and dream big. Your donation will literally light the path of opportunity for our visitors!

Every dollar really does count for a nonprofit like the Aloha Community Library Association. We are so grateful for your partnership on this journey. Please consider making a gift today to double your donation and help us reach our 2022 fundraising goals!

Donate now!
Or mail a check to:

ACLA Donations
17455 SW Farmington Rd, Suite 26A
Aloha, OR 97007

See you at the library!

Terri Palmer
Library Director
Aloha Community Library Association