In 2011, an ambitious group of Aloha residents formed the Aloha Community Library Association (ACLA) with the mission to provide library services to an underserved area of Washington County.  The Aloha Community Library opened its doors in September 2012, and eventually joined Washington County Cooperative Library Services (WCCLS) as a member library in July 2016.


All members of our community have equal access to knowledge.


The Aloha Community Library serves as a gateway to lifelong learning and enrichment for our community, bringing people, information, and ideas together.


Community Engagement
We provide opportunities to build meaningful relationships that strengthen our community.

Lifelong Learning
We encourage all ages to find joy in gaining knowledge, developing skills, and discovering passions.

We celebrate the diversity of our community, promote the sharing of ideas and perspectives, and believe that every person is valuable.

Intellectual Freedom
We champion a universal right to freedom of opinion, expression, and access to information without barriers.

Responsive to Innovation
We embrace and adapt to changes, and equip our community with tools and training to close the digital divide.