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Library Facility Updates

Dear Library Supporter,

Renovations will soon begin at the Aloha Community Library to develop a new enhanced space for our children’s library. The new children’s library will move to a different space, and will feature new shelving, furniture, and more, thanks to support from a grant and contributions from many of our wonderful donors.

As part of this shift, layout around the library will be adjusted in the coming months, and we will be closing the annex space. It was a difficult decision for the Aloha Community Library Association’s Board of Directors to recommend closure of this space, but the sustainability and vibrance of the library will be stronger for it. As a nonprofit organization, the long-term success of the library is paramount.

Thank you to our generous and patient community for supporting us over the years as we continue evolving the library into the welcoming space the Aloha community deserves.

With appreciation,

Terri Palmer,
Library Director

and the Aloha Community Library Association Board of Directors:

Daniel Hauser, President
Julie Fairman, Vice President
Jessica Otto, Treasurer
Kimberly Thomas, Secretary

Melanie Belles  •  Helen Chandler  •  Beth Lewis
Ron O’Connor  •  Dick Schouten

Reviewers Wanted!

If you have a young person in your life who has enthusiasm for books, movies, tv shows, or games (video or otherwise), we want their opinions! Kids can submit reviews to be compiled into a newsletter, in-library displays, online lists, and more!

There are two ways for kids to submit their reviews: online or in the library.  There are forms, pencils, and a drop box located in the Children’s Library.  If submitting a form online is easier, there is a google form at

Our kid picks volunteers have done such a great job that they are now reviewing books for publishers!  If your child might want to join in the fun, please send Youth Services Librarian Katie an email at

Teens are encouraged to submit reviews, too!  Teens in grades 6-12 can submit their thoughts about books, games, TV shows, movies, and more in the drop box in the Teen Section or online at: