Adult Craft Kit: Finnish Stars

January 17th, 2022 all-day
Aloha Community Library
Adult Craft Kit: Finnish Stars @ Aloha Community Library
This fun and accessible craft kit for adults shows you how to create intricate paper snowflakes to embrace the season with festive flair! These geometric decorations, often referred to online as “Finnish Stars,” likely draw their name from the traditional Finnish himmeli – which, according to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, are geometric straw mobiles displayed from Christmas until Midsummer, “to ensure a good crop for the coming year.”

Get started right away with this simple Instructables tutorial, or pick up a take and make kit from the library during open hours starting Monday, January 17th while supplies last!

Read more about the modern impact of the himmeli in this fascinating New York Times profile of Eija Koski, who is “regarded internationally as one of [the himmeli’s] most talented producers.” (Free access to the New York Times is available with your library card.)