Thank you, library donors!

It is only through the financial support of our donors that our library is able to provide high quality library services for our neighbors. You are the reason our community has local access to over 1.5 million books, movies, and more available for free through Washington County Cooperative Library Services. Thank you!

Listed on this page (and on the donor wall in the library) are the names of everyone who has made a monetary donation to the Aloha Community Library Association since July 1st, 2021. We are so grateful for your choice to fund access to information and resources in Aloha!

Allscope Plumbing & Construction, Inc.

Karen & Gary Anderson


Joann Arney

Stephen Bahnson

Jeff Barker

Marie Basta

Beaverton Education Association

Judy Belles

Melanie Belles

George & Kathryn Best

Emmy Blue

Gaye Blyth

Kimberly Bodley

Karen Bolin

Ethelwyn Bowler

Carol Boyd

Debbie Brodie

Evelyn Buell

the Burgess Family

Jean Butcher

Julie Carico

Chris Carvalho

Manish Chandhok & Lesly Sanocki

Helen Chandler

Lisa & Gregory Chang

Shan-Shan Chen

Diane Collier

Gary Conaway

Joan Corcoran

Carolyn Corcoran

Killian Czuba

Lois Davis

Sarah DiCarlo

Jan Dillon

Jim & Jean Doane

Devin Dodge

Amy Dorman

Dave & Mary Downs

Lori & Gary Emerick

Marissa Emery

Cali Ence

Joshua Ence

Joyce Erickson

Kathy Esch

Julie Fairman

Mary Fehrs

Vicki Finster

Nayan Fleenor

Dallas Forshew

Charlie Forshew & Nancy Tessman

Gregory Garabedian

Lisa Garcia

Robert Gee

Nicole Spiegel in memory of Mary Gorman

Martin Granum

Gordon Halle
Linda Hansen & Terry Swales

Lonnie Hardison

Roxanna Hardt

Anne Harris

Joanne Hauseman

Daniel Hauser

Betty Helenius

Marisa Henman

Michael Hevron

Nancy Hilbrick

M. Hill

Lola Hinckley

William & Judith Howell

Sanny & Nadine Huey

Mary Hultine

Ben Humble

Pattie Hutterli

the Jackson Family

Susan Jaeger

Pat Jeffrey

Fran Jensen

Margaret Kelleher

Shannon Kelley

Chris & Brad Kempton

Eric Keto

Jerri Koby

Leigh Knox

James Komro

Shirley Landels

Maureen Lanstyak

Patricia Law

Eugene Lee

Beth Lewis

Chein-Chi Liu

Kajsa Lonnquist

JoLynn Lords

Peggy Luckman

Becky Maddock

Eleanor Maddy

Zebulin Magby

Lauria Mandich

Cat Marlow & Jeff Schachtsick

Edward May

Martin Penn McArthur

Kendal & Dan McDonald

Marie McMillion

Michael McSwiggen

Judith Meneghin

Dwain Meyer

Ellen & Wes Mickanin

Amy Mihelich

Sabra Mischel

Debbie Moon

Eugene Motoyama

Myong-Hui Murphy

Lori Nolf

Linda Norberg

Lisa & Larry Norman

Tim O’Connor
Ron & Mary O’Connor

Jackie Ortega

Hillary Ostlund

Jessica Otto

Terri Palmer

Allen & Connie Patershall

Katie Patterson

Robert Patterson

Nancy Paysinger

Steven & Carol Pearson

Jillian Pollock

Judy Reetz

Kristina Reynolds

Margery & Richard Rinne

Evelyn Rogers

John & Janet Sallak

Donna Schmidt

Nathanael Schneider

Dick Schouten

Sheri Schouten

Barb Scillian & Gene Allison

Sam Sheikh

Katherine Shiver

Lisa Siewert

Ann Sindelar-Trahin

the Singh Family

Walter Skoczylas

Linda Sloane

Kristi Smith

Aine Sonnen

Jann Sparks

Nancy Spaulding

Mary Ann Spickler

the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Aloha

Cindy Statham

Tiffany Stein

Stewart Title Foundation, Inc.

Pam Straughn

Eswaran Sundaram

Leon Taylor

Paul Telles

Kim Thomas

Eric Timberlake

Diane Trammo

Darla Truitt

Susan Urzaa

Valdee Velehradsky

Ralph Wadleigh

Lauri Watkins

Wayne & Anne Weld-Martin

Charles White

Brian Whitney

Melinda & Jim Williamson

Shannon Wilson

Kathreen Woyak

Daniel Wulff

Ken & Barb Yarnell

Florence & Claude Zeller

If you would like to see your name listed on this page, we gratefully accept donations in support of library services throughout the year. Visit our donate page to make a gift online or learn about ways to donate offline. The Aloha Community Library Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Federal Tax ID #45-2937097.

If your name is already listed here but you believe it shouldn’t be – or the other way around – please reach out to us at so we can work with you to fix it.

Thank you so much for your support!