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What are libraries good for anyway?

Recently, I received a number of interesting links and references to some material I thought would be interesting to our supporters and the community we live in.  I also thought you might like to know that this fledgling organization has a wikipedia page already created!  Be sure and check it out and rate it as you see fit! More hits and positive ratings will ensure it’s long term survival.


In late December, the NY Times posted an article titled, “Libraries See Opening as Bookstores Close“.  In that article, the author sites a growing trend among community public libraries, like the Aloha Community Library, that find them acting more and more like book stores.  “Today’s libraries”, writes the author, “are reinventing themselves as vibrant town squares, showcasing the latest best sellers, lending Kindles loaded with e-books, and offering grass-roots technology training centers.”  Sounds a lot like our library doesn’t it?  We are just getting started.  We have not yet acquired e-books, but I have no doubt that they are a possibility in the future.  With your support, anything is possible!

On the same date, you will find a wonderful set of posts labeled, “Do We Still Need Libraries?“.  I encourage you (if you are so inclined) to dive into four representative responses to that question.  They were provided by four industry experts assembled by the NY Times editorial staff.  For example, in Luis Herrera’s (City Librarian of San Francisco) article, titled, “More Relevant Than Ever“,  he states, “Libraries are more relevant than ever. They are a place for personal growth and reinvention, a place for help in navigating the information age, a gathering place for civic and cultural engagement and a trusted place for preserving culture.”   We couldn’t agree more!

You will find all of these and more in our newly updated page, Blogs-n-links.  Enjoy!

If you haven’t yet explored our own “electronic library”, take a peak at our recently updated Resources page.  You will find links to a number of additional on-line sites that are relevant to finding information besides just “google it”.  We have assembled a wonderful list of Library, Community, Writing and Math & Science links that are especially powerful and maybe new to some of you.  Check it out!  Let us know if you know about other links like this that we can pass on to others.  Be sure and like it and pass this info to your friends through our recently added social media connections.

Douglas Hoy
President, Board of Directors
Aloha Community Library Association