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Volunteer Job Descriptions

 Treasurer (board of directors position)

Job Description

  • Chairs the finance committee.
  • Ensures that accurate financial and donation records are maintained
  • Ensures that financial reports are filed on a timely basis.
  • Publishes monthly financial statement 1 week before board meetings.
  • Reports the current financial status at each board meeting.
  • Presents the annual budget to the board for approval
  • Works with outside auditor on an annual basis; act as BOD interface to auditor. 


  • Willing to work in a volunteer capacity
  • Previous accounting, bookkeeping or financial management experience, preferably with non-profit organizations
  • Understanding and abides by 12 Golden Rules of Library Board Trustees.
  • Understands and abides by ACLA Board of Director Job Description.
  • Computer savvy and knowledgeable about Quickbooks setups, creating accounts and standard accounting practices associated with small businesses
  • CPA license in Oregon desired but not required

Newsletter Editor (member of marketing Committee)

Job Description