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Art of the Story Festival


Ingrid Nixon: Adventure Calls (Adult program and ages 6+)

Ingrid Nixon is a world-traveling storyteller, who loves nothing more than to whisk away Ingridlisteners on journeys of the imagination. Exploration nail-biters, lies, tall tales, traditional and personal stories—she tells them all, bringing characters to life using voices, gestures, and animated facial expressions. Her creative approaches to story crafting help make traditional tales relevant to modern audiences.

Ingrid’s first CD, Grimm’s with a Twist, offers deliciously dark stories spiced liberally with humor and pathos. Her new recording, Operation Bouncy Chair, features personal stories about the important things in life: family, love, and coffee. She is a champion liar many times over, a claim that makes her mother both proud and worried. After living in Alaska for many years working in the wilds as a National Park Service ranger, she currently hails from Washington State. Find out more at

WCCLS Art of the Story


Come to the Aloha Community Library Annex for this adult-focused program with storytellers Val Mallinson and Amy Theberge.

Val Mallinson will present Daring Dachshund Adventure Tales, totally true stories about living and traveling with her silly little ‘hot dog’ dogs. Happy Tails and Happy Trails!

Amy Theberge will share Amy Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, curious tales about how she survived childhood, summer camp, college and everything in between with a large cheerleading section of lunatics.

This event is sponsored by WCCLS’s 12th Annual Art of the Story Festival.