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September is Library Card Sign-up Month!

If you havn’t yet found time to stop by and get your very own Aloha Community Library card, now is the time!  Even Luol Deng (see: has found time to get this important community resource (ok, maybe not an Aloha Community Library Card – but one from his own community!).  Consider this a wonderful opportunity to introduce your kids to a resource you may not yet be aware of.    The Aloha Community Library is a totally grass-roots library opened in the past year by volunteers!   Read more →

Aloha Community Library Hosts Book Sale Event!

A group of volunteers have gathered donations of books over the past few months and have picked out the best of the best to offer back to the public at large at a traditional “library book sale” event this coming weekend.   DSC_2224 The Book Sale event, coinciding with the 2nd Annual Aloha Days event, will feature over 4000 items available for purchase with all proceeds going towards the Aloha Community Library Association.   It will be held in the nearby former Blockbuster Video Store (17555 SW Farmington Rd, Aloha, OR) on Friday, August 16 and Saturday, August 17 from 9am to 4pm each day.

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Community Members Help Setup Aloha Library Booksale in Blockbuster Video Store

The MissionStay2 event happened last week and the Aloha Community Library was a recipient of care and attention by a wonderful group of volunteers from a church in Aloha.  IMG_1340

The church is called Cooper Mountain Presbyterian Fellowship and their youth leader, Rick Terletzky is the son of ACLA board member Donna Terletzky!  In additional to moving 20+ tables and 100+ boxes of books, 13 youth aged 13-19  helped setup the tables and attached a new banner to the former Blockbuster Video store (17555 SW Farmington Rd, Aloha, OR) in the Bales Thriftway Mall shopping center.  These items were moved from the library Annex, managed by our own Maxine Wald who has also stepped up to manage the book sale this coming weekend (August 16-17, 9am-4pm).    At the Annex, the Aloha Community Library sells donated books using an on-line account at Amazon.  Learn about this by going directly to our online store.   The Book Sale event, coinciding with the 2nd Annual Aloha Days event, will feature over 4000 items available for purchase with all proceeds going towards the Aloha Community Library Association.

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Volunteers come in all ages. Meet Zachary…


Zachary selling popcorn just outside the library to help raise funds for the Aloha Community Library

Zachary Jarvis  is 10 years old.  Zachary will be entering 5th grade in the fall time.  He has been studying at Barnes Elementary’s Two-Way Spanish Immersion Program.

During his free time, he enjoys reading, soccer, kickball, collecting Pokeman cards and Karate. He has a green belt in Karate and is currently a Webelo 2 in Cub Scout Pack 598.  Zachary has helped the library raise over $300 in the past two years.  His first fundraiser for the Aloha Community Library was a lemonade and homemade doggie biscuits in the summer of 2012.  In the spring 2013, he sold microwave popcorn to the community to raise money for the Aloha Community Library.

Zachary also has distinguished himself by being the first person to checkout a book from the Aloha Community Library during our “Sneak Peek” event back in December  2011.  You can read about that event here.

His mom and dad, Becky and Terrell, have also donated countless hours volunteering on behalf of the library.  Volunteering is a part of this family’s fabric!

An opportunity to give back – will you help?

Recently, our organization received the following request for help from another  non-profit organization:

CIEEMy name is Shawna Wise, Regional Director for a non-profit high school exchange organization, CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange).  With your connections to the Aloha community, I am reaching out to you regarding 5 students we have with a desire to attend Aloha HS for the upcoming school year.  These international students are looking for host families to welcome them for one or two semesters. Although they don’t arrive until August, we will be securing their placement with families by July 25th.  I’d love your help in communicating this opportunity to Aloha families!

The students have their own spending money to cover their expenses – all that is required of a host family is to provide a bed and 3 meals a day and make them part of the family! I would like to give Aloha Boosters $100 for every family at Aloha that hosts one of these kids.

Here are notes about them:

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Reflections on Our First 20 Months….

If you have been paying attention to our organization, you may be wondering about the title of this blog posting today.  Actually, it’s been about 8 months since we opened on an amazing day (September 22, 2012), but 20 months since the month of August, 2011 when we incorporated as an organization.  You can view a slide show of historical pictures of the past 20 months to see what we have accomplished!  Wow!  It’s been quite a ride these past 2 years!

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Westside Quilters Guild of Hillsboro Offers Donation Opportunity

This beautiful quilt was crafted by the WESTSIDE QUILTERS GUILD of Hillsboro; one of three they make on an annual basis for donation to local charities.  Staunch supporters of libraries in the region, the Guild generously donated this beautiful quilt to the Aloha Community Library Association to help raise funds for the Library’s operation.

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Little Lambs Make a Difference!

A few weeks ago, a wonderful preschool named Little Lambs Too, led by Aloha resident Kristin Ratten visited the library during one of our Wednesday morning Storytimes.  They were such well behaved little people!  That day, we had over 34 children in attendance!  The preschool children each had participated in a jog-a-thon the week before to raise money for the Aloha Community Library Association!  Kristen explained, “we try and encourage our kids to be involved in physical activity when they are with us.  We also like to raise money each year for different non-profits in our community.  So we offered the kids one dollar for every lap they ran round a nearby park.  They worked hard for the library and ran and ran and ran!”    Read more →