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Dancing in the Stacks


Put on your dancing shoes, gather up your friends, and meet us at the Library for an exciting evening of dancing through the stacks as part of our 2014 Adult Summer Reading Program. Read more →

Retro Science Fair

FRIDAY JUNE 27 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Miss the opportunity to set off a tabletop volcano or engineer a catapult at your elementary school science fair? Come to the library to spark surprising reactions, sample scientifically delicious delicacies, and embrace your inner scientist! Read more →

Dry Ice-Capades


Learn about the scientific concepts behind phase changes and states of matter with the  magic of dry ice! Read more →

3…2…1… Summer Reading Blast Off at the Aloha Community Library!!

Launch into summer at the Aloha Community Library Summer Reading Blast Off Party! Read more →

Annual Charity Raffle at Jan’s Paperbacks to Benefit Aloha Community Library!

Aloha, OR. June 6, 2014. Jan’s Paperbacks, a longtime community business partner and supporter of the Aloha Community Library, is hosting their annual Charity Raffle from June 14-28.

Read more →

Thanks Aloha! We Blew the Top Off the Goal!

Thanks to the strong support from Aloha Community Library supporters, we not only met, but blasted through our $15,000 challenge grant match. Read more →

Almost There!

Five weeks ago, we announced that we were awarded a challenge grant of $15,000.  The community response has been overwhelming.  We are now in the final days of the challenge and we only need $533 to reach our goal!   Our deadline is May 31st to raise the remaining funds.  The library will be open on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday of this week.  Please come in, drop off your donation, and experience first-hand this valuable community resource. Read more →

The Countdown Begins!

Time is flying by!  Our May 31st deadline is right around the corner.  Did you know that many employers including Nike, Intel, and Tektronix offer matching opportunities?  If you recently made a donation or are considering making a donation, contact your company’s Human Resources department to inquire about a matching program.  Every dollar counts as we strive to reach our $15,000 goal!  Thank you for your support! Read more →