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Aloha Library Kicks Off April Fundraising Campaign

About two weeks ago, we reported in the March 22nd edition of Oregonian that the Rotary Club donated $500 towards our operations fund and also donated 5 copies of a children’s book titled “Paul Harris Grow Up!”   That post and related items on Facebook went viral for us!  We really appreciate the support the Aloha community has provided to help fulfill our mission!   As many of you know, we are a totally volunteer organized, managed, operated, and supported public library.  Without financial donations provided by individuals and organizations in our community, we would not exist!  Even though the majority of our staff are volunteers, it takes real money to keep the lights on, pay Comcast for their service (internet access and phone service), and lease the copier among other things. Read more →

Libraries, Big Data and Money

This week I have come across a number of really compelling articles, videos and blog posts I’d like to share with the Aloha Community Library community.  The first is about library design and architecture, the second is about using big data in socially constructive ways and and the third one presents some compelling ideas about funding them! Read more →

Thank-you for your support, girls!

This past week, we received an unexpected windfall from some very nice Aloha Community Library Supporters: 800 books and a promise to purchase even more! Our friends at Cooper Mountain Elementary School and Girl Scout Troop 40410 came by with boxes and boxes of books obtained from an amazing book drive kicked off at the Literacy Night on February 21. Read more →

Getting a Grip on What Library Patrons Want

Did any of you see that great commercial last weekend during the Super Bowl?  You know, the one about being quiet in libraries!  We have included it in this week’s post!  Which one are you? Cream or Cookie? Read more →

Paper trumps tech at national library conference

February 1, 2013, by Frank Catalano of GeekWire

Amazon’s Kindle-free presence at the ALA January,2013 meeting in Seattle

I went looking for the digital future of libraries at the American Library Association’s Midwinter Meeting this week. Conveniently, the conference was held in Seattle, near a couple of very forward-looking library systems that make eBooks, mobile apps and digital downloads expected, almost routine.

But if the exhibit hall represented the near future for libraries, that future is still all about paper. Lots and lots of paper.

The hall consisted of more than 400 booths — visited by nearly 10,000 people including public, school, academic and corporate library staff over the span of the event. I went hunting for the tech. Not the standard stuff of behind-the-scenes library automation, on-screen research databases or free computer and Internet access (the last a tech service prized highly by patrons). But for the digital content and tools that have the potential to transform a library experience.

First stop: the major book publishers. Random House, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, W.W. Norton, Macmillan, Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins, Penguin and Disney had large and colorful booths. But nothing digital to be found among the stacks of fiction and non-fiction. eBooks? Not even a mention.

Wait: there was an Amazon booth. Excited, I rushed over. It turned out to be for Amazon Children’s Publishing. It also only had physical books. When I asked the rep where the Kindles were, I got a shrug and the comment, “A big part of our market is libraries and printed books.” Not a Kindle to be found.

After more searching, I came up with a handful of exceptions among the major book publishers. Britannica Digital Learning was totally pixels, introducing Merriam-Webster Unabridged. Scholastic had its newish digital lines FreedomFlix and TrueFlix tucked away in a corner of its huge book-laden display (this minimal presence, I was told, was because they were based on popular physical lines,Cornerstones of Freedom and True Books). McGraw-Hill Professional was showing engineering and science interactive books.

So where were the eBooks that publishers are offering through Amazon, Nook and libraries? (read rest of post)

Building a Center of Community One Brick at a Time

Recently, a group of 13 volunteers (see picture to the right) from Aloha spent 3 hours of their Saturday afternoon canvassing the community.  Ultimately, they distributed 1,000 flyers about our new library here in Aloha, OR!  They did this on January 19, which coincided with the Nation Day of Service Day.  This is a great way to generate additional visibility about our fledgling library.

In the near future, Girl Scout Troop 40410 (5th graders at Cooper Mt. Elementary School) will be selling cookies and sharing their proceeds with us!  What an amazing story.

Just last week, WCCLS sent out their quarterly newsletter and told all of Washington County about us in a cover article titled, “The Little Library that Could”.  We couldn’t have titled it better!

If you are reading this and you know of people who DON’T KNOW about us, send them a link to this article, “like” this on facebook and, well, call them up and tell them!  Your support will help all of us continue to make this operation grow and prosper, and ultimately benefit the community of Aloha in amazing ways.


Aloha Library Expands Hours of Operation!

January 31, 2013:   The Aloha Community Library Association announced today that their hours of operation are expanding effective Saturday, February 2, 2013 to 29 hours per week from the previous limited amount of only 15 hours week.  This is a reflection of the growing interest and community support of the library and its ability to sufficiently staff library hours.  Currently, 2-3 trained volunteers are available for each hour of operation.  The new hours are posted on the website home page and are included graphically here.  We are adding 2 additional hours to each day we have been open previously plus adding the new day of Monday!

In addition to new hours, a number of new items have been added to the library in the past month, including videos, western novels and other popular  adult fiction and non-fiction titles.

Storytime continues to be offered each Wednesday morning from 10:30-11:30am.  Come check it out!


What are libraries good for anyway?

Recently, I received a number of interesting links and references to some material I thought would be interesting to our supporters and the community we live in.  I also thought you might like to know that this fledgling organization has a wikipedia page already created!  Be sure and check it out and rate it as you see fit! More hits and positive ratings will ensure it’s long term survival.


In late December, the NY Times posted an article titled, “Libraries See Opening as Bookstores Close“.  In that article, the author sites a growing trend among community public libraries, like the Aloha Community Library, that find them acting more and more like book stores.  “Today’s libraries”, writes the author, “are reinventing themselves as vibrant town squares, showcasing the latest best sellers, lending Kindles loaded with e-books, and offering grass-roots technology training centers.”  Sounds a lot like our library doesn’t it?  We are just getting started.  We have not yet acquired e-books, but I have no doubt that they are a possibility in the future.  With your support, anything is possible!

On the same date, you will find a wonderful set of posts labeled, “Do We Still Need Libraries?“.  I encourage you (if you are so inclined) to dive into four representative responses to that question.  They were provided by four industry experts assembled by the NY Times editorial staff.  For example, in Luis Herrera’s (City Librarian of San Francisco) article, titled, “More Relevant Than Ever“,  he states, “Libraries are more relevant than ever. They are a place for personal growth and reinvention, a place for help in navigating the information age, a gathering place for civic and cultural engagement and a trusted place for preserving culture.”   We couldn’t agree more!

You will find all of these and more in our newly updated page, Blogs-n-links.  Enjoy!

If you haven’t yet explored our own “electronic library”, take a peak at our recently updated Resources page.  You will find links to a number of additional on-line sites that are relevant to finding information besides just “google it”.  We have assembled a wonderful list of Library, Community, Writing and Math & Science links that are especially powerful and maybe new to some of you.  Check it out!  Let us know if you know about other links like this that we can pass on to others.  Be sure and like it and pass this info to your friends through our recently added social media connections.

Douglas Hoy
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