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Here are some hyperlinks to blog posts and other interesting hyperlinks we have found of relevance to our mission. Some of them even write about their experience working with us! Enjoy.

Personal Blogs Posts:

http:// (Vy Le’s personal blog page) (Aloha Library Family blog page) (Aloha Library teen blog page)  (Aloha Library – Life in Oregon Tumblr)

Pew Research and Pew Charitable Trusts:

The Library in the City: Changing Demands and a Challenging Future (3-7-12)
Libraries, patrons, and e-books (6-22-12)
Reading Habits in Different Communities (12-20-12)
E-Book Reading Jumps; Print Book Reading Declines (12-27-12)
Internet access at libraries (12-28-12)
13% Have Accessed Library Services Via a Mobile Device (12-31-12)
Library Services in the Digital Age (1-22-13)
Parents, Children, Libraries and Reading (5-01-13)

Publisher Websites:

Craigmore Creations

The New York Times:

Libraries See Opening As Bookstores Close
Do We Still Need Libraries?

The Library Journal

Book Buying Survey 2012: Book Circ Takes a Hit

The Future of Libraries (INFOGRAPHIC)

The Economist:

A Library of New Materials (video about a different kind of library)

Digital Only Public Library (BiblioTech) Website:

What Comic-Con Nerds Know About Getting Kids Hooked on Reading.

Why Supporting Your Local Library is the Ultimate Homage to Ray Bradbury

Four Amazing Mini Libraries That Will Inspire You to Read

Aloha Library Wikipedia Website:

Aloha Community Library