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Library Levy Coming November 3rd

Dear Friend of the Aloha Community Library,

The countywide Library Levy (Measure 34-235) will be on our November 3rd ballot this year.  If this measure passes, our Aloha Community Library will become part of the Washington County Cooperative Library System and many new doors will open for our community!

Passing Measure 34-235 brings:

  • Access to the ENTIRE Washington County library system
  • 100 times more of everything in the library catalog, including books, e-books, movies/DVDs, audiobooks, and games
  • Local drop-off and pick-up of all Washington County library items
  • More programs and events for Aloha, and extended operating hours
  • Access to cultural passes

It is very important for Measure 34-235 to pass so that we can continue to grow and offer the programs, tools, and resources that our community needs and wants.


How?  It’s easy, really.  Just tell people about Measure 34-235 and say “Vote Yes for Libraries”.  One quick and easy way is to put a lawn sign in your front yard.

Lawn signs will be available at the Aloha Community Library Annex on Saturday, September 12th (Noon – 2:00pm) and at our Aloha Community Library Anniversary Party on Saturday, September 19th (11:00am – 2:00pm).  Other pickup times can be arranged; email for more information.

More information about Measure 34-235 can be found on the WCCLS website (, and you can keep up with news and information about the levy on our website (, Facebook and Twitter accounts after September 19th.

We appreciate your help!  Remember, Vote Yes for Libraries!


Amy Grant
Board President
The Aloha Community Library Association