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Aloha Library to Join WCCLS in 2016

The Aloha Community Library Association (ACLA) currently operates the Aloha Community Library. At this time, the Aloha Community Library is not a member of WCCLS, and there is no connection between WCCLS and Aloha Community Library in terms of library services, library materials or library cards.

The passage of Measure 34-235, the countywide library replacement levy, will allow the Aloha Community Library to become a full member of the Washington County Cooperative Library Services in 2016 and receive operating funds from WCCLS.  The target date for this is September 2016.  Read more →

Library Levy Coming November 3rd

Dear Friend of the Aloha Community Library,

The countywide Library Levy (Measure 34-235) will be on our November 3rd ballot this year.  If this measure passes, our Aloha Community Library will become part of the Washington County Cooperative Library System and many new doors will open for our community!

Passing Measure 34-235 brings:

  • Access to the ENTIRE Washington County library system
  • 100 times more of everything in the library catalog, including books, e-books, movies/DVDs, audiobooks, and games
  • Local drop-off and pick-up of all Washington County library items
  • More programs and events for Aloha, and extended operating hours
  • Access to cultural passes

It is very important for Measure 34-235 to pass so that we can continue to grow and offer the programs, tools, and resources that our community needs and wants.


How?  It’s easy, really.  Just tell people about Measure 34-235 and say “Vote Yes for Libraries”.  One quick and easy way is to put a lawn sign in your front yard.

Lawn signs will be available at the Aloha Community Library Annex on Saturday, September 12th (Noon – 2:00pm) and at our Aloha Community Library Anniversary Party on Saturday, September 19th (11:00am – 2:00pm).  Other pickup times can be arranged; email for more information.

More information about Measure 34-235 can be found on the WCCLS website (, and you can keep up with news and information about the levy on our website (, Facebook and Twitter accounts after September 19th.

We appreciate your help!  Remember, Vote Yes for Libraries!


Amy Grant
Board President
The Aloha Community Library Association

Aloha Community Library on KGW

KGW visited the Aloha Community Library last week to learn about our community and the services the library offers. Check out the article by Cathy Marshall below, or see the video here on Read more →

WCCLS Policy Group Approves Aloha Library!

Aloha, OR. May 2, 2014.  The last few weeks have been busy at the Aloha Community Library!  Just 2 weeks ago, we wrote about  our upcoming deadline for our membership application into WCCLS (see: New Digs, etc.).   At the April 24th WCCLS Policy Group meeting held at the recently remodeled  Shute Park Branch of the Hillsboro City Library, Board President Douglas Hoy and Interim Library Director Terri Palmer were on hand to present an application for membership (See: WCCLS Application) into the Washington County Cooperative Library Service organization.
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New Digs, National Library Week, WCCLS Application Due – Oh My!

Aloha, OR, April 16, 2014.  This week we again have a lot going on at the  Aloha Community Library!  In case you didn’t know, we are in a new space!  We spent last weekend celebrating with 5 different events and enjoyed the company of hundreds of well wishers and event participants thanks to collaborative gift from the Edwards Center and WCCLS.  You can read about our events thanks to Anna Marum of the Beaverton Leader who posted two exciting stories about us!  One was a story about our grand re-opening event and one about our wonderful challenge grant program for raising money to fund our operations.

Anna Marum/Beaverton Leader

Anna Marum/Beaverton Leader

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Aloha Library Announces New Fundraising Campaign

Aloha, April 14, 2014.  As part of the many activities this past weekend, the Aloha Community Library Association announced that they were awarded  an amazing challenge grant of $15,000!  The challenge is to raise $15,000 in the next 6 weeks (by May 31, 2014).  If we do so, we will be awarded with another $15,000 by 2 generous donors who have combined their resources to make this available to us.  As of Sunday evening, we had already received $6,310!  This is a fantastic start to this campaign. Read more →

Book sale results – thank you Aloha Community!!

The staff and volunteers of the Aloha Community Library Association have been pretty busy these past few weeks – preparing for our upcoming move, performing a major library book sale, finding new spaces for our Library Annex, raising funds, etc.  Sometimes, its just good to take a breath and reflect on the goodness of it all!  Last weekend (March 13,14, 15) we held our book sale in our temporary Annex space (formerly Blockbuster Video).  We told you about that sale in a previous post but we didn’t let you know yet about how successful we were!

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Meet Terri Palmer, Interim Director of Library Services

February 1, 2014.  In the last few weeks, we have announced a number of changes including promoting Terri Palmer, Director of Volunteer Services to the important position of Interim Library Director.  In this new role, Terri will formally oversee much of the important work needed to advance our operation to the level expected by WCCLS in order to join them within the next few years.  This work will also include overseeing and guiding the transition to our new space this spring.  We wanted to let all of you know what a great resource Terri is for the Aloha Library!

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