Inspiring people within our diverse
community to acquire knowledge

Building a Center of Community One Brick at a Time

Recently, a group of 13 volunteers (see picture to the right) from Aloha spent 3 hours of their Saturday afternoon canvassing the community.  Ultimately, they distributed 1,000 flyers about our new library here in Aloha, OR!  They did this on January 19, which coincided with the Nation Day of Service Day.  This is a great way to generate additional visibility about our fledgling library.

In the near future, Girl Scout Troop 40410 (5th graders at Cooper Mt. Elementary School) will be selling cookies and sharing their proceeds with us!  What an amazing story.

Just last week, WCCLS sent out their quarterly newsletter and told all of Washington County about us in a cover article titled, “The Little Library that Could”.  We couldn’t have titled it better!

If you are reading this and you know of people who DON’T KNOW about us, send them a link to this article, “like” this on facebook and, well, call them up and tell them!  Your support will help all of us continue to make this operation grow and prosper, and ultimately benefit the community of Aloha in amazing ways.